A woman's best kept secret

A woman's best kept secret
Welcome to Sylk! If vaginal dryness is interrupting your life, Sylk is made with you in mind. Sylk keeps lovemaking and day to day life more comfortable whenever you need it.
Sylk's female friendly formula is so close to your own natural lubrication that only you will know you are using it – unless you choose to share. Safe to use with tampons and condoms, when pregnant or breastfeeding, or when taking oral or internal HRT.

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Sylk HQ Christmas Post and Opening Hours

Christmas Eve – 9-10:30am. Orders placed after 9am will be sent after Christmas.
25th, 26th, 27th, 28th Dec – CLOSED
29th Dec – 9am-1:30pm
30th Dec – 9am-1:30pm
31st Dec, 1st-3rd Jan – CLOSED

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Recommended by Health Professionals

Trusted by nurses and doctors

Sylk is proud to be the only natural lubricant available on prescription. Sylk is recommended by many healthcare professionals including The Royal College of Nursing and The UK Menopause Nurse Group.

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How Sylk worked for us

“I’ve struggled with vaginal soreness for over 20 years using various lubricants which haven’t helped and many of which have irritated my skin. Sylk lubricant makes me feel more comfortable with no irritation.”

"My partner said Sylk was the best lubricant ever, much more natural than any we've had before. None of the sensitivity was lost during lovemaking."
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Health Professionals

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